Engineering Sciences 20: How to Create Things & Have Them Matter

Please join us for the first class (course shopping session) of Engineering Sciences 20: How to Create Things & Have Them Matter at Harvard SEAS (students from other Harvard schools welcome), with instructors Prof. David Edwards and Kevin Ma. We’re accepting 20 students this year! This exciting course provides opportunities to:

  • imagine, develop, and pitch a big idea
  • explore this year’s theme of Metamaterials
  • exhibit at the new Laboratoire Cambridge with artist Chuck Hoberman
  • apply for summer prototyping fellowships to further develop your ideas

All interested students must attend the first class (course shopping session) and apply. Session to be held:

Monday, January 25, 2016, 1-5pm
Pierce Hall 100F @ SEAS

For more information:
Email Kevin Ma for more information.
Or visit the course website.

Course website:
Twitter: @seasES20
TF Email: Kevin Ma, kevinma [at]


Course Description  |  ES20: How to Create Things & Have Them Matter
Catalog Number: 9676 Enrollment: Limited to 20.
David A. Edwards
Half course (spring term). M., 1–5. EXAM GROUP: 8

This course teaches students to generate, develop and realize breakthrough ideas for social and cultural change. Students form groups of four to five around one of four seed ideas. Over the course of the semester students mold their idea, learn idea translation skills, and develop idea proposals they pitch at the end of the semester. Students have the opportunity to apply for Idea Translation Fellowships, funded by the Wyss Institute and the Harvard Global Health Institute. Winners are funded to develop their ideas further over the course of the summer starting with a week-long workshop with students from around the world at Le Laboratoire Cambridge. Students brainstorm, give public presentations, and write final group reports. Students also engage in studio practice with artists, designers, technologists, and scientists. Case study and conceptual readings will complement student idea exploration.

Target class limit this year: 20. Open to all students with permission of instructor. All completely passionate students (any concentration) welcomed – no prior experience necessary.

Instructors: Prof. David Edwards & Kevin Ma