Engineering Sciences 20: How to Create Things & Have Them Matter

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ES20 is a class about ideas, how we imagine them, and especially how we continually reimagine them and in order to produce an innovation that in some clear way benefits the world.  This year’s class focuses on the man-machine interface, with participation of the artists from Random International (London).  Especially interesting are ideas that empower human experience in the natural world rather than access to a synthetic world. The course teaches students to generate, develop and realize breakthrough ideas in the arts and sciences.  Students form groups of four to five around one of several seed ideas. Over the course of the semester students mold their idea, learn idea translation skills, and develop idea proposals they pitch at the end of the semester. Winners of Idea Translation Fellowships are funded to develop their ideas further over the course of the summer starting with a week long workshop with students from around the world at Le Laboratoire Cambridge. Students brainstorm, give public presentations, and write final group reports. Students also engage in studio practice with artists, designers, technologists, and scientists.  Case study and conceptual readings will complement student idea exploration.

Course Offering: Spring Semester, Mondays, 1 – 5pm
Class Instructor: Professor David A. Edwards
Office: Cruft 301
Office Hours: Monday 10am-noon (Wednesday 10am-noon if needed)
Teaching Fellow: Joelle Bitton, office hours 10am-noon Thursdays
Class/Studio Location: Classes will be held in Pierce 100F with occasional classes at Le Laboratoire Cambridge in Kendall Square. Limit 20.
Student Enrollment: With permission of the instructor.