The Lab

The Lab @ Harvard is a special opportunity for learning through experimentation in art, design and engineering at Harvard University. The program began in 2008 as an experiment with the Deans of SEAS, GSD and FAS, led by David Edwards, founder of Le Laboratoire Paris. With the opening of Le Laboratoire Cambridge, at 650 Kendall Square, in July 2014, Lab @ Harvard enters a new dynamic phase. Partnered with the Experiment Fund, led by the first director of Lab @ Harvard, Hugo Van Vuuren, and with an international education program led by course co-instructor, Andrea Sachdeva, Le Laboratoire Cambridge will provide opportunities for exhibition and experimentation with the public and internationally recognized artists and designers.


Idea Translation

Harvard students develop surprising and innovative ideas at the university in classes where student idea conception, formulation, and development propel student learning. Educating students through idea development encourages aesthetic and analytical processes of creative thought. Outcomes range from new designs, books and films, to new companies and humanitarian organizations.

The Idea Translation program of The Lab includes exhibitions of current and ongoing past student ideas selected, prepared, and exhibited through the Idea Translation Lab at Harvard University.

Artscience Exhibition

Contemporary artists and designers increasingly create and propel innovations atthe cutting edge of science. The Artscience Exhibition program will invite leading contemporary artists and designers to develop works of art and design around science themes relevant to major science partners to The Laboratory. These works, developed in partnership with the Paris-based art and design innovation center Le Laboratoire, will be exhibited in the lobby and hall areas and frame the context for public exhibition evenings, conferences, and interdisciplinary faculty discussions around issues that bridge the arts and sciences.

In spring 2014, this will include opportunities to work with world-renowned artist Mark Dion.